Purpose, Goal and Topics

The main purpose of the workshop is to arrange discussions on using a socio-technical perspective in IS development, the long term goal being to make this workshop a meeting place for the community of IS researchers and practitioners interested in the socio-technical approach.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  1. Case studies using socio-technical approach
  2. Information system design using socio-technical approach
  3. Socio-technical comparative studies of technology/IS adoption
  4. Socio-technical analysis, design, development and integration of
    – health care systems
    – crisis management systems
    – information security management systems
    – learning systems
    – privacy enhanced technology
  5. Societal Security from a socio-technical perspective
  6. Ethnographic and Anthropological aspects of IS design and adoption
  7. IT business alignment from a socio-technical perspective
  8. Using Viable System Model (VSM) for analysis and design of socio-technical systems